Jeremy West explains, "Taking care of yourself when you are injured is stressful, but dealing with an insurance company, lost time at work, a damaged car, doctor bills, hospitals bills, pain and suffering, police reports and everything else that comes along with an accident multiplies your stress several times over.  When you put your claim in our hands you can rest easy knowing every detail is being handled by an experienced attorney who knows your rights."

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Robert Ylla tells why West, Ylla & Gosney is different than all other personal injury law firms in Oklahoma City. We guarantee we'll never make more from your settlement than you do. We even put it in writing. You pay nothing up front, during or after your case is settled. All funds come from the settlement obtained for you.

William A. Gosney answers the question about signing release forms sent from insurance companies. If you've been injured in an accident, call us at (405) 378-8132 and we'll battle with the insurance company for you so you can get what you deserve. We truly are on your side as the top accident attorneys in Oklahoma City.